Who is Rob Lennon?

Rob Lennon: AI mad scientist, international social media influencer, and founder and co-host of Mind Meets Machine, the first mainstream podcast with an AI co-host.

Rob teaches how to blend AI, content, and business to gain a competitive advantage. You can find him in across his social feeds, in his newsletters, and in his free guides on AI and promptcraft.


Rob Lennon coined the term megaprompt to describe a long and sophisticated prompt that acts like a mini-program. A good megaprompt suggests:

  • A person for the LLM to act as
  • A task to do
  • Context around the task
  • Steps to complete the task
  • Desired formatting for the output

While not all of the above aspects are required for a prompt to be a megaprompt, typically megaprompts have at least three of the above traits.

Rob Lennon Background

Rob has a background of 12+ years in marketing at tech start-ups. He’s notable for his accomplishments in SEO and content marketing. It was in tech start-ups that Rob honed the scrappy skills that enable him to succeed as a founder and creator on topics of AI, ChatGPT, audience building, and business.

Twitter Growth

After his Twitter account grew from 0 to 50k in 6 months, Rob Lennon became known for being one of the fastest-growing non-celebrity accounts of 2022. His Twitter handle is @thatroblennon.

Self-Published 46x

Rob Lennon also operates at least 8 pen names and has self-published 46+ books and novellas, primarily in the fiction/romance category, primarily in the last 2010s, although he has published several non-fiction books.


Born: 1982, San Diego, CA

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