Top 10 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions in 2023

As language models become more advanced and capable, developers have created an array of Chrome extensions that increase the power of ChatGPT. 

Here are the top ten that focus on content creation and productivity. Some have premium unlocks available, but you should be able to get a sense of whether the extension is valuable without paying.

1. AIPRM for ChatGPT

AIPRM for ChatGPT is a must-have extension for SEO professionals and content creators. With over 350 unique prompts, this extension empowers you to get the most out of ChatGPT. It covers categories such as copywriting, marketing, SEO, and more, and provides a range of prompts for keyword research and content writing.

Download AIPRM for ChatGPT

2. ChatGPT for Google Chrome

ChatGPT for Google Chrome is a powerful extension that allows you to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT directly into your browser. With this extension, you can access ChatGPT’s language model without needing to leave your current webpage, making it easy to draft emails, generate content, and answer questions on the fly.

Download ChatGPT for Google Chrome

3. WebChatGPT

WebChatGPT provides web access within ChatGPT, enabling ChatGPT to answer questions about current events and real-time news. By scraping the top search results from Google, WebChatGPT adds context to your query, allowing ChatGPT to respond accurately to questions about recent happenings.

Download WebChatGPT

4. Voice Control for ChatGPT

Experience the convenience of voice control with the Voice Control for ChatGPT extension. This extension adds voice control and read-aloud features to ChatGPT, allowing you to interact with the language model using voice commands. It’s perfect for users who prefer hands-free interaction.

Download Voice Control for ChatGPT

5. Superpower ChatGPT

Superpower ChatGPT enhances the user interface of ChatGPT, providing features like a prompt library, input history modal, and conversation exporting. You can also enable/disable safe mode and add timestamps to your ChatGPT chats.

Download Superpower ChatGPT

6. Compose AI

Compose AI is an auto-complete Chrome extension that turbocharges your writing process. Whether you’re drafting an article or brainstorming ideas, Compose AI provides AI-powered suggestions to eliminate writer’s block. It’s compatible with Google Docs, Gmail, and other online editors.

Download Compose AI

7. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

The YouTube Summary with ChatGPT extension does two things: it displays the transcript of any YouTube video and generates a summary of the video using ChatGPT. With this extension, you can quickly understand the content of a video without having to watch it entirely.

Download YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

8. Writing Mate

Writing Mate is a ChatGPT-powered Chrome extension designed to improve your productivity on the web. It offers features like text summarization, writing improvement, grammar correction, and more. You can also use custom commands, and Writing Mate will provide AI-generated responses based on your input. As an AI chatbot, Writing Mate responds to your questions in a conversational manner, making it an excellent tool for both personal and professional use.

Download Writing Mate

9. ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is a Chrome extension that integrates with Gmail to help you generate quick and effective email replies. With ChatGPT Writer, you can use the context of an email and a custom prompt to generate an appropriate response. It’s not just limited to Gmail; you can also use this extension on other websites to create responses, making it a versatile tool for communication.

Download ChatGPT Writer

10. Merlin – ChatGPT-powered Assistant

Merlin is a ChatGPT-powered assistant that resides in your Chrome browser, bringing the power of ChatGPT to any website you visit. Whether you want to summarize an article, craft a reply to an email, or compose a clever comment for a social media post, Merlin can assist you. It’s a freemium extension with limited free messages per day, but it’s worth exploring to see how it can enhance your online experience.

Download Merlin – ChatGPT-powered Assistant

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