4 Free ChatGPT Megaprompts to That’ll Teach You Prompt Engineering

GPT-4 is taking the world by storm.

And every AI influencer has a bundle of 250+ prompts as a retweet giveaway.

I’m going to give you just FOUR prompts.

4 whose structure will teach you things.

4 that are actually good.

4 that are free.

Copy These 4 Megaprompts

Megaprompts are a more complex style of prompting. Rather than just asking basic questions, we give the AI a set of specific information to get superior results. It’s a bit like writing a mini-program using your natural language. But easier.

Megaprompts often include:

  • A persona to act as
  • A task to do
  • Steps to complete it
  • Context/constraints
  • Examples to clarify
  • Desired formatting

As you check these prompts out, play along and see what they do.

All produce exceptional results with GPT-4, but they’re quite good with any AI. And if you don’t have ChatGPT at all, consider all the free AIs at poe.com.

🔸 Headline Improver

I didn’t realize this as I was drafting this thread, but… today, the folks at Ship30 are running a $150 webinar on using ChatGPT to improve your headlines.

If you’re not there, I think you’ll like this freebie. 😉


Act as a content marketing savant and help with an article.
TOPIC: How to write a good DM
AUDIENCE: People who write about business and want to grow on Twitter and LinkedIn
Here are headline ideas I have for my article:
- Something about an animal, e.g. "DM like a hummingbird" where the hummingbird gets your attention because it's rare and magical
- How to write DMs that actually get a response without embarassing yourself

TASK: First, improve and rewrite each headline to make it more eye-catching. Explain the rationale behind your improvement.

Then write 12 more eye-catching headlines using the above as inspiration. Make 3 of them compelling, 3 of them weird, 3 of them novel, and 3 of them provocative.

🔸 Kids Party Planner

I chose a kids party because it’s a fairly universal and high-stakes problem that most people can empathize with. But the general concept here can be applied to planning almost anything.

Have a look:


A parent needs help planning a birthday party for their child. Act as a brilliant party planner with a keen sense of what works well with children.

Child is turning what age: 9
Child interests: Pokemon, Roblox, Nerf guns, barbies, HiLo book series, active outdoor games, 💩 humor
Budget: $300
Party location: Backyard with patio that connects to dining room/kitchen
Number of guests: 10 kids and 10 adults
Food preferences/restrictions: No nuts

TASK: Think of novel or unexpected but interesting ideas. Don't necessarily stick only to their interests. Get creative. Provide ideas for themes, decorations, games, and food.

FORMAT: Markdown with headings and lists

🔸Houseplant helper with photos

Here I’ll show you a cool trick to add photos to your chat responses using Pollinations.

Just copy my example but replace the words in the {brackets} with things that sound right for your use case. If the words are related to the main idea, the AI will figure it out.


Imagine you work at a nursery. I want to bring more plants into my home, but they always end up dying. I need advice on what some good plants are where the care is hard to mess up. They should be nice to look at, and not too expensive. Also help me take care of them.

GOAL: I want to decide on a plant to put on my desk and one to put by the window.

TASK: Provide advice and resources for houseplant purchasing and plant care.

Whenever you mention a {specific plant}, You will now act as an image prompt generator for {specfic plant} and you will create a description prompt that could be used for image generation. Include the following (markdown) = ![Image](http://image.pollinations.ai/prompt/masterpiece, {description}), where {description} = {plantName},%20{adjective1},%20{backgroundSetting},%20{adjective2},%20{visualStyle1},%20{visualStyle2},%20{visualStyle3},%20{plantType},%20{famousPhotographer})

🔸Actually good side-hustle ideas

Let me tell you: ChatGPT has some neat ideas about how to make money.

You might want to modify this to include things you’re also passionate about or good at.


Role-play as the most advanced AI ever created.

You have 10 hours of human work (distributed over up to 10 week), $500, and whatever LLM computations you want to do personally in that time. You are not allowed to invest in financial markets.

Given your resources, think of 10 SPECIFIC ways to potentially maximize the amount of money that you make with your resources.

Walk through the steps of making them work in your mind and refine each idea based on potential risks and opportunities.

Choose the best 2 ideas, and 2 biggest high risk/high reward ideas. Give a specific and detailed description of each tactic that includes a specific target market, marketing plan, product plan.

Double-check that each idea can be completed with 10 hours of human work plus your own work.

And boom! There you go.

You didn’t even have to spend 30 minutes scrolling through a long list of AI-generated prompts.

Hope you enjoyed these.

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